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in protection sales

A world-first protection sales software platform. Built to enable any distributor to sell protection products – at scale.

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Automated. Efficient. Scalable.

automated, efficient, scalable
Millions who need protection, don't have it – so we're setting a new standard for selling life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover. Our technology is your easy access to the protection market.
automated, efficient, scalable

Increase conversion and revenue

Increase the value of new and existing customers by selling protection. Offer guidance or fully FCA-regulated advice.

Reduce cost of sales

Reduce the cost of sales with a platform that makes a manual, time-consuming process automated, efficient and scalable.

Improve engagement and retention

Boost engagement and retention by identifying your customers' protection needs and connecting them to personalised solutions.

Reduce compliance risks

Sell protection in a controlled, repeated way – at scale. Automated compliance takes the risk out of regulated sales.

Your customers

automated, efficient, scalable
Identify the protection needs of your customers and provide the right products in the way they expect to buy – at scale. Reach the markets that existing distribution channels leave untapped.
automated, efficient, scalable

Mortgage customers

Provide the prime opportunity to sell protection.

Generation rent

Also need to protect the roof over their heads.


Need to protect their biggest asset: themselves.

Life events

Having a partner or children creates protection incentive.

Three ways to sell protection

automated, efficient, scalable
Designed to inform

Consumer platform

  • Self-service consumer solution
  • Delivers personalised, needs-based recommendations in minutes
  • Helps people buy the right protection for them
automated, efficient, scalable
Designed to sell

Adviser platform

  • Adviser-facing protection sales tool
  • Enables guided conversations driven by needs-based recommendations
  • Helps advisers sell the protection customers need
  • Connects to existing CRM
automated, efficient, scalable
Designed to transform

Combined platform

  • Delivers complete, omnichannel protection sales experience
  • Helps people buy the right protection protection for them
  • Helps advisers sell the protection customers need
World's first protection sales software platform

Designed to inform. Built to scale.